Ante Usted / Immigration Law / Thank Yous

Our thanks to Marcell Felipe, Esq. for his appearance on Ante Usted on 1/27/13 and his insights on autism. To Ricardo Martinez-Cid, Esq., for his program about the Union Liberal Cubana and political parties to air on 2/3/13.

Thank you to Radio Paz for having us on their program to speak about DUIs.Two notes from the program:  1) Your ticket gives you 10 days to file with the Department of Motor Vehicles and becomes your license; 2) Miami-Dade has a Back on Track Program for first time offenders which enables you to finish the case without a DUI conviction if eligible.

With the Immigration reform in close proximity, a reminder to all undocumented aliens residing in Miami-Dade County (who do not have legal problems) who are victims of crimes, please note that your status will not be held against you.



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