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Bipartisan Framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Earlier today, a bipartisan group of eight senators proposed a compromise plan that may grant millions of undocumented immigrants immediate but provisional status to live and work in the US. The senators, referred to as the “Gang of Eight,” want to draft legislation by March and vote on it by August.

The proposed plan also calls for strengthening border controls, improved monitoring of visitors, and cracking down on hiring undocumented workers.

Those who would seek relief under this plan would have to pay fines, back taxes and undergo a criminal background check. The plan reads:

While these security measures are being put into place, 
we will simultaneously require those who came or remained 
in the United States without our permission to register 
with the government. This will include passing a background 
check and settling their debt to society by paying a fine 
and back taxes, in order to earn probationary legal status, 
which will allow them to live and work legally in the 
United States. Individuals with a serious criminal 
background or others who pose a threat to our national 
security will be ineligible for legal status and subject 
to deportation. Illegal immigrants who have committed 
serious crimes face immediate deportation.

It further states that once the enforcement measures have been completed, individuals with probationary legal status will be required to:
1) Go to the back of the line of prospective immigrants;
2) pass an additional background check;
3) pay taxes;
4) learn English and civics; and
5) demonstrate a history of work in he United States and current employment.

Those who complete the above-referenced requirements, as well as other requirements listed in the plan, may eventually earn a green card.

President Obama has planned a speech in Las Vegas for Tuesday to discuss comprehensive immigration legislation, which he calls a priority of his second term.

Click the following link to see the five page proposed compromise plan:
Bipartisan Framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform


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