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Changes To Cuba Travel Laws

As of tomorrow, January 14th, changes to migration and travel in Cuba take effect. These reforms no longer require the white card (tarjeta blanca) or exit visa that Cuba used to control who could leave the island, nor the notarized letter of invitation from a foreign host.

The ability for Cubans to leave for a period of time depends on whether they can obtain a valid passport to travel by getting a visa from the country they intend to visit and by purchasing a ticket for travel. Cuban authorities say they have set up 195 locations around the country where citizens may apply for their passports.

Children under the age of 18 will also be able to travel outside of Cuba as long as they meet the requirements and obtain authorization from their parents or legal guardian.

Cubans who have migrated out of Cuba will also be able to travel back for a period of 90 days, as opposed to the previous 30 day limit.

Local immigration attorney Wilfredo Allen was interviewed by America TeVe‘s America Noticias regarding this issue. Click on the video below to see the interview [in Spanish]:



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