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Concealed weapons; law to bear arms in Florida

Special thanks to Luis Diaz  for your invitation on his show, Buenas Tardes Miami, last Thursday.  We want to clarify a question about the law in Florida:

Chapter 790 of the Florida Statutes is the reference on the law.

It is a misdemeanor  to possess a concealed weapon. This happens a lot to people carrying a machete, bat, hammer or other concealed weapon, particularly in your own automobile. This is a criminal act and can carry a prison sentence.

The state of Florida allows the use of a concealed weapon status through 790.06. The permit is renewable for every person who meets the requirements.

The permit does not serve to carry concealed weapons in areas prohibited by the sheriff, police stations, prisons or detention centers, courts, courtrooms, voting precincts, schools, airports and other areas numbered under section (12) (a ) status.

It’s not a crime to carry a gun on public view. But, if done in a way that is not threatening or self-defense, it may be a violation of section 790.10 and can be punished by jail. It is a misdemeanor, but if it causes fear and a firearm is used, it is a criminal act and can be categorized as a felony under section 784.021 and punishments are more severe.

Always be very careful with the weapons. Whenever a firearm is used outside the home is the act subject to greater scrutiny than when you’re at home.



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