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Horoscopos de Durango hold press conference

On November 14th, lead singers of Horoscopes de Durango, Vicky and Marisol Terrazas held a press conference in our office regarding the events that lead to their arrest in Okeechobee, Florida.

On November 11th, the band was performing at the Agi-Civic Center in Okeechobee, Florida, when a scuffle erupted on the dance floor between several fans. Okeechobee Sheriff deputies and security immediately stepped in to break up the fight. They began to grab and push several fans in that area of the dance floor. The sisters stopped singing their song, and Marisol Terrazas told the deputies and the security to stop pushing and roughing up her fans. She begged them to stop tasering, and to arrest her instead.

Deputies then went on stage and arrested both Marisol and Vicky. Both sisters have no prior criminal records.

To watch a segment of the press conference, click on the video below. :




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