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Horoscopos de Durango Performers Protect Fans, Get Arrested

Last night,  lead singers of Horoscopos de Durango, Vicky and Marisol Terrazas were arrested after the sisters shouted at Okeechobee Sheriff deputies and security to stop “roughing up” people on the dance floor.

The band began their first song at the Agi-Civic Center in Okeechobee, Florida, when a scuffle erupted on the dance floor between several fans. Okeechobee Sheriff deputies and security immediately stepped in to break up the fight. They began to grab and push several fans in that area of the dance floor. The sisters stopped singing their song, and Marisol Terrazas told the deputies and the security to stop pushing and roughing up her fans. She begged them to stop, and to arrest her instead.

Deputies then went on stage and arrested both Marisol and Vicky. Both sisters have no prior criminal records.

A fan in the audience recorded the events. This story is based on the tape. Watch the video below: (it appears that one of the fans was being tazered by the police from behind)


5 thoughts on “Horoscopos de Durango Performers Protect Fans, Get Arrested

  1. Your perseption of the event seems a little off don’t you think. I don’t know if you speak eanglish or spanish or french, but the words comming out of her mouth were horrible. If she had said those words to your mothe or your wife I think you would see things a little different. Whats wrong with you?

    • While I agree that the language being used was completely inappropriate, that is not the point. The point is what did they do that was ILLEGAL? Cursing is NOT against the law.

      • Is true, cursing is not agains the law, however causing a disturbance and starting it is. I understand artist were upset, but cursing at the officers and police for doing there job, its complety irresponsible.

    • The words that are first uttered speak of stopping what appears to be a fight and tasting. There is free speech in America and what is said at a bar is not necessarily what is said at church. Do a timeline– follow the events. Incident should have been handled better.

  2. Do a time line. Look at the uniforms. Tasing can kill. The show is stopped when the fight begins. What is a plea to stop is ignored. Words, remember words are said. It appears from the video that the security people were acting roughly.
    Credit the audience for restraint. The performers did not abandon the stage to join the melee, it was the police/security who abandoned the melee to go up
    On the stage. My bad does not equal your bad.


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