Fernandez Siblings–All Together Now!

Luis Peter Fernandez, my older brother and US Marine Corps Sergent, came to visit us after returning to the US from his recent station in the Philippines.

We hadn’t seen him since November, so all Fernandez siblings were ecstatic to be together again for two weeks!

At our office: Anna, Luis Peter, and Paul Fernandez with Comandante Huber Matos

And what perfect timing… My sister Michelle, a preschool teacher, and my little brother Paul, a soon to be sophomore in high school, are both in summer vacation. So, they pretty much spent the last two weeks (day and night) enjoying the beautiful Miami weather we’ve been having and spending quality time with our brother Pete.

Unfortunately, as an attorney…and working with my father… we couldn’t exactly take two weeks off. But that’s OK! Cause Pete came by almost everyday and was able to meet some clients and new friends!

Miss you, Pete! Looking forward for December!



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