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New policy that allows hundreds of thousands of qualified illegal immigrants to be able to obtain work permits and be safe from deportation

Today, the Obama administration announced a new policy that would allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children to be able to obtain work permits and be safe from deportation.

The policy will be effective immediately, and applies to people who:
(1) are currently no more than 30 years old;
(2) arrived in the country before they turned 16;
(3) have lived in the United States for five years;
(4) have no criminal record; and
(5) have earned a high school diploma, be in school or have served in the military.

This policy stops deportations but does not offer citizenship or permanent legal status. The people who qualify will have the ability to apply for a two-year deferred action that effectively removes the threat of deportation for up to two years, with repeated extensions. People whose deferrals are approved will be able to apply for work permits, which will be dealt with case by case, officials said.






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