Chardon High School Shooter will be Tried as an Adult

Geauga County Juvenile Court Judge Timothy Grendell ruled today that 17 year-old T.J. Lane should be tried as an adult for the Chardon High School shootings that occurred on February 27th.

Authorities say T.J. Lane admitted firing at students sitting at a cafeteria table at Chardon High School, killing three students and seriously wounding two.

At the hearing, Judge Grendell said he found probable evidence in all six charges for which Lane is charged, including aggravated murder charges. He rejected a defense request to release Lane on a $500,000 bond, finding Lane would pose as a  risk of flight and a safety risk to the community.

If convicted, T.J. Lane could face life in prison. Minors are not eligible for the death penalty in Ohio.

If the case had been routed to juvenile court, the maximum possible penalty would have kept him jailed until he turned 21.



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