Congratulations / Thank Yous

March ‘Congratulations and Thank Yous’

Congratulations to Vilma Petrash on her Congressional Medal of Merit Award for her “outstanding and invaluable service to the United States.”

Our thanks to Victor De Yurre (Traffic Court), Eladio Paez (Investigations-Stand Your Ground), Greer Wallace Davis and Marlene Valdez (family/Dependency), Pablo Perez (Disability Rights) and Jorge Duarte (Elderly Rights re-run) for their appearances on Ante Usted this month.

Thanks to Oscar Haza’s A Mano Limpia for the invitations to appear on his TV and Radio Programs on March 23rd (Travon Martin and Shawn Tyson); March 13th (Teachers/School Board); February 29th (Moorman Execution); February 14th (Carlos Miller); and hate crimes. Thank you for all the invitations to comment on local radio stations.

Big congratulations to Anna C. Fernandez on her first jury trial and all our colleagues who assisted her. Congratulations to Anna C. Fernandez (mother-3/16); Carlos (3/23); Lino (3/26) and Michelle (4/1) on their birthdays.

Kudos to Francisco Briz and his 1Cuba prayer initiative during the Pope’s visit to Cuba. The power of prayer!!



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