10 Questions Regarding the Homicide of Itzel Jacqueline Fontes Ortiz

The homicide of Itzel Jacqueline Fontes Ortiz is a hideous act that cannot be forgotten. Our condolences to her family. Bringing the perpetrator(s) to Justice should be a priority for the local police department.

Mr. Henry Jose Puentes Padilla has been arrested and is to be charged with the murder. A series of newspaper reports and a television appearance has left this lawyer with some question. Has there been a rush to judgment?

One newspaper account characterizes his confession as being without remorse and without hesitancy. In the TV coverage, he states that she knifed him and then he affixiated her.
Question 1: Where are the wounds? If the Deceased did defend herself with a knife, why didn’t we see wounds?

The accused was led to the interview in what appeared to be a loose causal manner by unmasked police officers.
Question 2: Why was one of the officer’s hands on top of his head exerting pressure? Was the accused threatened? Did he have counsel?

  Question 3: Was he arrested or did he turn himself in? Either way, why was a hooded police officer in the picture in one of the newspaper accounts? I’ve had cases where there have been allegations of torture by hooded police officers. Is this one of those cases?

The hatchet used to mutilate the victim was shown. There was no closeup and no blood was noticed.
Question 4: If a person is chopped up and her limbs severed from her body, shouldn’t there be an explanation for the lack of blood?

The severed victim’s body was found in three different places. The accused had no car.
Question 5: How could someone walk to three different locations, carrying a torso and/or parts of the body, and not be noticed? Is it possible others were involved?

The accused says, “se me fie la mano” making a reference to the use of one hand to commit the asphyxiation.
Question 6: If someone is fighting you with a knife, how is it possible to choke that person with one hand and not have any cuts or lacerations?

A newspaper reports that the accused was allegedly seen taking down pictures of the deceased with a security guard at school.
Question 7: Who is this security guard? Was he an accessory after the fact?

The accused allegedly requested extradition to Cuba.
Question 8: When do people and not countries request or are granted extradition?

Media reports are coming up alleging deportation and similar crimes.
Question 9: Is the media creating an atmosphere where he cannot get a fair trial?

Question 10: Are we doing the victim justice when there appears to be a rush to judgment?



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