Congratulations / Thank Yous

Happy 2012!!!

Happy 2012! We are off to a great new year. Congratulations to Marcus Tan on his successful defense and jury acquittal, earned during the 1st week of the year in State Court.

We had an opportunity to appear on A Mano Limpia and comment on the newly released State of Florida Hate Crime Statistics. These crimes are committed against persons and property. The total of 149 for the entire 2010 year woefully understates the figures. Crimes against the disabled, the mentally unstable and the elderly were not included in the statistics. The report, which is available in Attorney General Pam Biondi’s site, refers to sections 775.085 and 877.19 of the Florida Statutes for definitions and enhanced penalties.

Thanks to Lita Del Real who appeared on Ante Usted and spoke about the Music Industry (always have a lawyer with you) and the copyright of musical compositions (Library of Congress) and Anna C. Fernandez, Esq. for keeping this web page.



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