Condolences / Congratulations / Thank Yous

Out With the Old…In with the New

Our condolences to the Rojas Family on the demise of Ivan Rojas. In 1997, his resentencing hearing was reported in the local newspapers as the “Battle of the Dueling Psychiatrists.” The Rojas, family history of activist struggle against the Castro regime included the death by firing squad of his uncle Cornelio Rojas; the death of his brother Pedro who participated in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion and died of suffocation in a trailer, locked for over 12 hours with Bay of Pigs participants and the deaths of ten other family members of the family at the nads of the Castro regime. Mr. Rojas participated in activity against the Castro regime and was involved in the contra movement. Rest in peace.

Our thanks to Lawyers Jorge Duarte and Santiago Alpizar, and Human Rights Activist Ramon Saul Sanchez for their appearances on Ante Usted.

Congratulations to the Freedom Flotilla on Human Rights Day.



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